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Check out our YouTube Channel which is full of a range of informational videos to help you through home educating your child. 

Are you ready to Home-school?

Penny and Alison chat over their plans for the new term and discuss some issues they have encountered. Helpful information for those new to or still considering home schooling.

Teaching my kids through the highs and lows

Su Williams and her husband, Tony are senior pastors at Living Waters Church, Paington. Su shares with us her entry into the world of home education in 2020, her reasons for the decision and how she deals with the good and bad days. A must see for any parent just starting out in home educating their kids!

Educating the whole person

We believe that education is so much more than academic training. We place an equal value on academics, character training, habit formation, relationships and spiritual growth. Watch the first video in our short series to find out more about how to support a child's growth in some of these areas.

How to start Nature Journalling

Getting your child connected with the outdoors is so important for developing thinking skills. Watch our second video in this series to get ideas on how to study nature with your child and begin a nature journal. Much of these ideas can be done from the home if access to outdoors is limited.

How to approach Artist Studies

Our third video looks at how to include Artist Studies in your home school and how it complements your child’s overall education.

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