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Nature Studies

We include a Nature Studies session every day. There is a different theme each week that we explore in different ways each day. It ensures we get time outdoors, engaging with nature  around us.


Natural History

Through the study of nature, children meet opportunities to use  and develop scientific skills to observe, record, to wonder and to enjoy God's creation.

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Artist Studies

Every Tuesday through term, the children focus on an Artist,  considering several of their  paintings and learning to memorise what they have seen.



We spend time on Thursdays exploring types of handicrafts that will take us a few weeks to practice and improve on. It opens new skills and creative ideas to children, also giving them opportunities to use tools safely.



On Wednesdays, the older children learn how to think well as they learn the tools for critical thinking and logic. They  then use these reasoning skills to consider the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, examining the reliability of the Gospel accounts. 

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Composer Studies


Story of the World

On Tuesdays, we follow a History curriculum that covers the story of the world in chronological order.  Each reading provides a story for the children to narrate back, some map work to do, and a creative task to consolidate learning.

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Literacy Works

Each day, the older children have an opportunity to study a work of literature, such as Shakespeare, Pilgrim's Progress or other epic tales from around the world. The younger children enjoy stories that build an understanding of good character and Godliness such as Tales by Beatrix Potter,  Charlotte's Web, or poetry from A.A Milne.

Each Wednesday through term time, we study a composer, taking a look at a different musical work each week. The children learn to listen to the music and the instruments and express what they hear.

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