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Resources Available to Download

'Florence Nightingale - Angel of the Crimea' by Laura E. Richards Study Pack

Introduction to the pack

In this introduction to the study pack, you will get an idea of the learning process and activities that accompany the biography of Florence Nightingale.  

Download the weekly task outlines and special Deep Dive lessons separately (these will be available soon!). Activities can be adapted to suit your child's needs.  

Suitable for children ages 7-12.


Florence Nightingale, Deep Dive into Chapter 6: The Trumpet Call

How helpful were the British military decisions, leading up the the Battle of Sevastopol?


Click the button to download the study pack and powerpoint presentation.

Autumn Pack

If you're looking for a

relaxing approach to learning

through October, this pack is for you.

In it, you can encourage your child in some gentle learning without the pressure of a set curriculum. You can engage with the changing seasons and embrace all that it offers through music, poetry, stories and exploration. You can also help your child connect with God, using creation

around you to do this.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Study Pack

A 9 week study pack for children

ages 7-11. Your child will study Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream over 9 weeks where he or she will grow in a gentle understanding of the story line, the characters, the format of a play script and the production of a play. Each week will be underpinned by a Bible verse and a Biblical focus to reflect on.

Michaelmas Pack

Michaelmas is traditionally celebrated on 29th September. Download this free resource to use in your home-school. In it you will find parent information, activity suggestions, reading list, poetry and scripture memorisation, and a link to a song. Designed for Primary age but activities can be adapted for other ages and needs.

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